relationship coachI’m Rachael Lay, Relationship and Intimacy Coach and a whole hearted believer in love.

Love for yourself, love with a partner and amazing HOT love!

I believe that when we return to love, anything is possible, and we can know ourselves and others with an intimacy that provides the strongest of life’s foundations.

But I’ve also been where you are.

Hurt, lost, lonely and doubting that I would ever get to feel that deep, long lasting love that ‘other people’ were enjoying.

Stuck in an ever revolving cycle of bad relationships and bad love habits.

I kept trying to make things work in the only ways I knew how, but all I seemed to find was more hurt.

I’ve been in that place where being in love seems more trouble than it’s worth.

I’ve struggled through those relationships that might have been great, but were instead plagued with arguments and unhappiness, too.

You want it to feel good, and there was a time when it did, but somehow you’ve drifted away from that and now it all just feels too hard.

Sometimes it’s obvious what’s wrong, but other times you can’t put your finger on why it’s not working.

You just know that it’s not.

And I know how love can make you feel insecure, wondering if it’s you that’s not good enough to be loved in the way you want to be loved.

Shouldn’t being in love be easy? Shouldn’t it just work if it’s meant to be?

The reality is that the best things in life worth having are often the things we have to work the hardest for.

But I can help you do the work.

I am absolutely convinced by my own experience, and through witnessing the incredible changes my clients have made, that it is possible to turn everything around so that you can have the best relationship and the quality of love that you really deserve.

I’m passionate about helping couples and singles come back to a place of connection and intimacy to discover the best kind of love you can imagine. My work is all about guiding you to rebuild the foundations of your love, to let go of the fears, to uncover and release the beliefs that keep you from giving and accepting the love you most deserve and to change old habits so that you can do more of the good stuff that invites love into your life, rather than push it away.

I help you to see what is possible when you let love be your first choice, as the only sure way to restore your relationship.

With my coaching and the tools I provide you can take your relationship from boredom, disconnection and unhappiness, to a source of love, intimacy, security and joy.

I know you want true love in your life.

Isn’t that what we all desire?

Let me help you get there.




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