Couples Coaching

Are you ready to have a better quality of love in your life?

Our personal relationship are one of the fundamental keys to a happy, healthy and fulfilling life.

Being in love feels great. Love is a natural desire in all of us and yet it can sometimes seem so hard to find and then hold onto.

Just when you think you have it in your grasp, it slips away.

It’s not that you want it to, or mean for it to, but stuff happens and soon you find yourself wondering where it went.

Well I’m here to help you find your love again.

Whether you need help with repairing a damaged relationship or simply want to be pro-active about making sure the relationship you have lasts the distance, I can support you.

I’m passionate about helping couples to get back to loving each other whole heartedly.

Maybe you’ve been through a major event which has altered the landscape of your relationship?

Or perhaps you’ve simply disconnected and lost that spark that you felt when you first met, and you want it back?

With approximately half of the marriages ending in divorce you’re certainly not alone in wanting more from love.

Living a life with your significant other can involve intense challenges as you integrate two unique lives, each with their own style of giving love, resolving conflict and approaching day to day life.

But it is absolutely possible for you to have a relationship that is based in trust, intimacy, deep love, honesty and respect, one that brings you immense satisfaction, security and passion in your life.

It’s about turning around the situations you’re in right now – intimacy problems, lack of communication, financial issues, lack of trust or respect, a general disconnection – allowing you to open up to a more authentic, enriched love.

It is within your reach right now and by working with me I will guide you to:

  • Move away from behaviours that don’t work in your relationship and engage in new, positive behaviours
  • Define and design a shared vision for your life together
  • Discover more about yourself as unique individuals and how you present in your relationship
  • Utilise more effective communication strategies that limit harm, even when dealing with the hottest of topics
  • Clear old feelings which keep you from being able to give yourself fully and openly in your relationship
  • Rebuild trust, respect and honesty for a deeper and stronger connection
  • Explore ways to improve and increase your intimacy for a more loving relationship

If you’re willing to commit yourself to the experience and open your heart and mind to new possibilities, I know that you can have the love you wish for in your life.

Life is far too short to live without knowing real love so if you’re ready for the good stuff Contact Me to book your first session and get started immediately.

Note: Couples coaching can be undertaken by either both partners, or separately as individuals. Incredible change is still possible even when just one of you commits to doing things differently.