Intense Focus Coaching

relationship coachingDo you have a niggling problem or concern that needs to be addressed immediately, quickly and effectively?

Is it time to dig in deep and get to the heart of the problem, so you can move on?

If you have something going on personally, or in your relationship, that is the one thorn in your side then my Intense Focus Coaching sessions are for you.

Intense Focus Coaching is for clients who have concerns that they are ready to deal with right now!

It’s for clients who are ready to do the hard work in an intensely focused way, with commitment to making changes and getting fast results.

Intense Focus coaching won’t suit you if you want to amble around the issues. It won’t work for you if you prefer to take your time and make slow and steady changes (which is fine, most of us like to do it that way).

Intense Focus Coaching is perfect if you want to get straight to the hard stuff so you can start healing.

It’s the ideal kind of coaching session if your concern isn’t about deep, underlying issues, and is more about finding better solutions to unwanted patterns or ways or behaving that are getting in your way.

What Does An Intense Focus Coaching Session Involve

In an Intense Focus Coaching Session we will be getting right down to business so that you can go away with clarity and concrete solutions.

It will be important that you come to me ready to acknowledge what you want to change, and then be open to making changes.

You will need to be clear on the outcome you want, and be ready to do what it takes to get there.

For 2 hours we will be focused completely on you, and the path to your solution.

We won’t be chatting about the weather, politics, the latest TV shows or any other distractions. This is about intense focus and that’s what you will get.

We will clearly identify what’s going on for you and then, together, we will create a clear action plan to move you away from what you don’t want, and closer to what you DO want.

Cost – $300 NZD for 2 hours of 1:1 coaching (normally $400!)

Isn’t it time you got rid of those niggles that have been keeping you from a higher level of happiness?

It’s time to wipe away those concerns so you can get on with the good stuff in life.

If you’re ready for quick, effective change, contact me today to discuss booking your Intense Focus session.