“We’re not completely unhappy” and other half baked statements about your relationship

Relationship Coaching

Are you settling?

Have you given yourself over to having a sub standard kind of love?

Do you think you should just be more grateful for what you have and not expect more?

Then I am here to tell you you’ve got it wrong.

Being ‘not completely unhappy’ is as good saying you are unhappy most of the time.

When did that become acceptable?

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Seeking Happiness

Recently I had the opportunity to talk to a friend going through a relationship break-up and although I’m not their coach (I tend not to coach friends) we got talking about what they are going through, how they got there and what the future holds.

Everyone has their reasons for ending a relationship but I was struck by the fact that this friend seemed to hold their ex wholly responsible for not making her happy in hers and although she praised him for being a wonderful, kind, caring, love and intelligent person who was great with her kids, in the same breath she also went on to say that she just wasn’t happy and wanted someone who would make her happy.

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