What Lesson Is Being Mirrored Back To You?


I strongly believe that it is in our relationships that we learn the most about ourselves.

Particularly in our relationships with our spouses/partners/boyfriends/girlfriends, but also with our children.

When we live with and love someone every day it’s inevitable we will come up against things that push a button or hit a nerve. Even the most placid and easy going person will have something that irks them that little bit, but in the most part we all just get on with it. Normally the majority of what annoys us, isn’t worth getting too pent up about or is forgotten in the next moment.

But what if the same things keep coming back up, causing constant issues in your relationship?

Unfortunately too many relationships are plagued by problems that persist, and try as they might to resolve their differences they bubbling up, contaminating the love shared between two people and threatening the future of the relationship.

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