Stop Being So Mean!

self love

Through the course of our lives, most of us are lucky enough to have people that we care about, and who care about us.

Life can be a crazy ride at times and, in our close relationships, there are often situations when we need to support each other, to build the other person up a little, and let them know that they are wonderful, loved, and absolutely perfect just the way they are.

We give out kind words, we tell them that they are so important and valuable, and we promise them that they are handsome, beautiful, smart, clever, funny and interesting.

And, if we’ve surrounded ourselves with good people, they do the same in return when we most need it.

But even when we disagree with certain aspects of our loved ones lives, we still tend to regulate our opinions and maintain a sensitivity that comes from love and a desire to protect them. We don’t rush in with harsh criticisms like “You really have got a bit fat”, or “I knew you weren’t as smart as you think you are”.

Saying things like this to someone we care about seems absolutely inconceivable to most people.

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