Are You A Creator Or A Reactor In Love

Relationship Coaching

If I’d saved a dollar for every time I’ve heard ‘I just wish he/she would show me they love me more’, I would be a very happy coach with a big box load of ALL the really expensive books I’ve been eyeing up on Amazon, being delivered to my door.

For any number of reasons, a lot of couples end up in a place where things have gone a little (or a lot) off course and one or both partners are feeling less love than they desire.

Unfortunately it’s not uncommon, at all.

While not all couples talk about it, most have felt it at some point in their relationship.

It’s also not uncommon for the blame for the lack of loving to be put on the other partner.

When you feel unloved, when the passion has dwindled and things have become a little mundane, surely it can’t be your fault?

Because after all, you actually want more love.

But there’s a difference between wanting it, and going out and getting it.

That difference determines whether you are a love reactor, or a love creator.

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