Valentine’s Day – A Day For Love Or Letdown?

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Valentines Day is here!!

The day of lovers when romantic gestures are keenly expected by those cherished by another and by those who hope to be.

The day when millions of dollars are spent on gifts, flowers, wine, food and cards as lovers everywhere endeavour to demonstrate the depth of their love.

The day when wives and girlfriends track every bunch of flowers delivered to the office, hopeful that they are the lucky recipient this time.

The day when husbands and boyfriends muddle their minds trying to think of the right gift, or default to the stock standard promoted by every florist, card shop or chocolate maker.

I’m personally pretty neutral on Valentines Day and my husband and I don’t hold the day with too much importance.

For us it isn’t necessary to mark a certain day to know that we love and adore each other deeply. Every day is the perfect day to let each other know.

But for some, Valentine’s Day does hold a special importance and there is much anticipation over what treats their partner has in store.

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Are You Giving The Love You Are Expecting?

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Have you ever found yourself bemoaning the shortcomings in your partner’s loving ways? How often have you complained that they’re not romantic enough, don’t compliment you very often, never tell you they love you, hardly notice the things you do and don’t do anything particularly nice for you?

A few times perhaps?


I’m guessing at least once and the reason I say that is because naturally we want to have the best we can have in life and in love. So, in an attempt to fix what isn’t working we tend to point out what’s going wrong and hope that something changes.

But what are you doing to encourage the change from where you stand?

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