Weight Loss Coaching

Weight Loss Coaching

Lose Weight With Love

Weight Loss Coaching is an important speciality area for me and I get so much joy working with my Weight Loss clients. 

Are you ready to have a body you can enjoy and finally feel great about? 

Are you ready to lose the weight, for good, and never look back?

Then you are in the right place gorgeous!

My Weight Loss Coaching is all about supporting you to reconnect with your body, let go of the excess weight, discover how easy it is to keep it off and fall head over heels in love with your sexy self!

We do this through a journey of discovery, exploration, a-ha moments and total transformation of your thoughts, your beliefs, your behaviours and your body!!

These coaching sessions are focussed entirely on you!

Our time together is all about understanding your individual challenges, values, intentions and goals with your weight loss, then creating the path from where you are now, to where you most want to be at your slim, natural and easily maintainable weight.

My Weight Loss Coaching involves 8 initial sessions which I ask my clients to commit to, to really make sure they get the best results and set new, life long changes in place.

Excess weight isn’t about one single aspect, it has mutiple aspects and as such, each of these need to be addressed to make all the changes you need to make, to lose the weight, and keep it off forever!

The 8 initial sessions cover:

  • Understanding more about who you are, and your weight journey so far
  • Clarifying your motivations for weight loss and finding that focus that what will keep you moving towards your goal
  • Learning the principals of intuitive and mindful eating
  • Recognising emotional hunger, and learning exactly how to deal with it
  • Eating for health, and pleasure, without feeling guilty or deprived ever again
  • Raising exercise motivation, and realising the importance of self care
  • Discovering how critical thin thoughts, language and beliefs are to weight loss
  • Loving your body exactly as it it, while still being excited about the improvements being made

The Results You Can Expect In 8 Weeks

  • A total shift in your thoughts about dieting, and how useful it really is
  • A better understanding of your body’s food needs
  • A reconnection with your body, that makes it easy to lose weight
  • A sense of ease about how simple it is to lose and maintain your natural weight
  • A new love and appreciation for your beautiful body
  • A transformed attitude towards food and the enjoyment of it
  • The ability to eat what you want, without guilt or fear of weight gain
  • Sure and steady weight loss that seem to happen ‘magically’
  • A new zest for life with your amazing new confidence
  • A deeper sense of care for you, and the self love you deserve
  • Improved relationships, and intimacy

These are just some of the benefits my clients have enjoyed. You could be adding to this list if you are ready to lose the weight, and get more out of life!

If you’re ready to have the body you most desire, check out my Work With Me page to find out more or click the button below to book your first session with me.

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