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Am I The Coach For You?

It’s important, for any coaching relationship to work, that we are a good fit for each other and that we can relate to each other in a way that encourages trust, honesty and mutual respect.

The clients I work best with are intelligent, motivated and committed individuals who enjoy success in many areas of their lives, but need help with one particular issue.

My clients tend to be professionals, working in or running successful businesses, with a positive, solution focused attitude.

They are ready to make changes, ready to stop making excuses and find a way through their concerns, to a better, happier and more fulfilling life.

Many times they simply need another set of tools to overcome the one thing that is causing them pain and once they have their new skills, they can enjoy an AMAZING life!

How I Work

As your coach, I provide you with the space to unleash, expose and examine everything that needs change in your life.

Whatever you bring to our sessions, we will face together and make it safe for you to do the work that needs doing.

I coach in a way that is real, honest, and at times a little gritty.

Which means there will be times that I will challenge you to explore thoughts, ideas and perceptions that may be uncomfortable initially.

I might push you to do more, and be more than you think possible.

My belief in you may exceed what you believe for yourself.

But in time, with your commitment and trust you will also learn to believe that there are bigger possibilities than you first imagined.

Coaching is not a passive process.

It is a process that will put you in control of the change you want to make happen if you fully engage and embrace it.


Although my coaching is tailored to your situation, your personality, your needs, there are some core components to my coaching that remain.

Any coaching program entered into with me includes:

  • 45 minute coaching sessions conducted over the phone or Skype at mutually agreed upon times
  • Email support as required to answer questions and provide support in a time sensitive manner
  • 5-10 minute ’emergency’ sessions if things get a little rocky in between sessions
  • Individual coaching assignments to be completed between sessions

Each of my programs has a preferred minimum timeframe.  Generally I ask you to mentally (and financially) commit to at least 8 weeks of work together. Relationship Coaching, Self Love and Weight Loss Coaching are all complex issues and to get the benefit of powerful, lasting change, we’ll need a bit of time together.

Telephone and Skype Coaching makes it possible for me to coach worldwide, and avoids any travel costs and inconvenience for you.

All coaching sessions are conducted via these mediums.


Each session is $150 NZD for 45 minutes.

Intense Focus Coaching is also available for $250.00 for a 2 hour session (usually $400! – save $150).

Session fees are paid upfront, prior to your next session.

Get Started!

If this all sounds good to you, and you are ready for change in your life, click the button below and you will be taken to a booking page, where you can book a time for your first coaching session and fill out the intake form.

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Once I receive your booking notification, I will send you our standard coaching contract and you will receive a payment request for your intake session. If there is anything you don’t like in the contract or for some other reason you decide not to proceed, you will not be invoiced until you sign off the contract.

Don’t worry, there’s nothing weird or terribly technical and complex in there.

When you’ve signed your contract and made payment we can get started! I promise, it won’t hurt a bit : )